Rimlex 600 Yellow

Rimlex® 600Y is a two part epoxy based resin system. It has been specifically designed for use as a compression seal. It should be applied to one side of the mating components surface and allowed to cure prior to assembly. Clamping the two components together compresses the sealant and therefore effects a seal.
Rimlex® 600Y has excellent chemical resistance to most automotive oils, fuels, anti-freeze and transmission fluids. The material will function in temperatures up to 150oc*

Rimlex® 600Y is best applied via automated dispensing ideally using a X/Y robot to give a known and consistent height.

Please call us to discuss application equipment as we can recommend suitable equipment from partner companies.

The interface geometry of the mating surfaces is critical for the correct functioning of the Rimlex® system. The mating hole should be burr free and chamfered to ensure material is not stripped or cut away during installation. It is recommended that all torsional applications be specifically designed in conjunction with our engineering staff who can advise the correct geometry or form for successful sealing and re-use.

Rimlex® 600Y has been successfully used for potting electronic circuit boards and as an adhesive on metallic and engineering plastic products**
– for torsional applications an additional torque modifying topcoat is normally recommended.
*120°C for continuous usage, 150°C possible for intermittent use subject to testing.
**plastic parts must be able to withstand cure temperature of 160oc
Reusability is subject to application, specific face/joint design and compression stops may be required.