Rimlex Materials are a non-reactive seal – please use the drop down menu to select the different materials or use the comparison chart to identify the most suitable Rimlex® material.

The Rimlex® products are flexible, organic based materials, used to replace copper, aluminum and other more expensive sealing washers. The material is suitable for use for electronic potting, as an adhesive in raised temperature environment and as a low slump form-in-place gasket material.

The pages listed in the drop down menu give details of each type of Rimlex® material, please explore these pages to see the wide range of benefits and uses from this material which include .

Prevents galvanic corrosion between dissimilar materials.
Can be applied to virtually any headed fastener.
Forms a dry to touch coating.
Provide repeatable assembly properties.
Reduces noise and vibrations.
Fills gaps.
Good adhesion to ferrous/non ferrous surfaces.
No mess or waste as with line applied products.
Conform to complex paths