Rimlex® is a non-reactive seal, which can be applied to the under head bearing surfaces of bespoke fasteners, or other suitable components.

The Rimlex® products are flexible, organic based materials, used to replace copper, aluminum and other more expensive sealing washers. The material is suitable for use for electronic potting, as an adhesive in raised temperature environment and as a low slump form-in-place gasket material.

Prevents galvanic corrosion between dissimilar materials.
Can be applied to virtually any headed fastener.
Forms a dry to touch coating.
Provide repeatable assembly properties.
Reduces noise and vibrations.
Fills gaps.
Good adhesion to ferrous/non ferrous surfaces.
No mess or waste as with line applied products.
Conform to complex paths.

The interface geometry of mating components is critical for the correct functioning and reuse of the range of Rimlex® seals. The mating hole, as a minimum should be burr free, chamfered and/or engineered to ensure Rimlex® material is not stripped or cut away during installation. In most cases an SAE J2244-1 (ISO 6149-1) hole form is suitable.
Rimlex product reuse should be qualified with application trials.

Different grades of the material exhibit various properties, including resistance to fuel, oil, brake fluid and antifreeze.

Rimlex® products can be readily applied to most corrosion protection finishes, non ferrous components and some plastic materials. They are especially suitable for sealing rivets, rivet/clench nuts and similar flanged tubes for use on enclosures, tanks, body in white and final trim applications. They can be applied via conventional pressurised or positive displacement systems via X/Y co-ordinate robotic dispersing equipment or via suitable hand operated systems.

Please contact for further information.

All Rimlex® applications require end user testing to make sure product and application are suitable, we will be happy to answer any questions.

Note – for torsional applications an additional torque modifying topcoat is normally recommended.
*120°C for continuous usage, 150°C possible for intermittent use subject to testing.
Re-usability is subject to application, specific face/joint design and compression stops may be required.
Material can be supplied in 300ml (620 and 625 only) and 5kg pack sizes